Boiler Servicing

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Boiler servicing is the best way to keep your boiler system running efficiently and safely. Annual servicing of your boiler system is highly recommended to take full advantage of the benefits of a boiler service. To book your yearly service with the heating experts at Gaz Wizard Heating call today on 07890242485 or select the button below.

Advantages of a boiler service

Getting your boiler services provides the ultimate protection and longevity for your boiler system and there are numerous benefits to an annual boiler check including:

 Reduce your monthly bills

Boiler servicing creates a more efficient boiler system meaning that your heating costs will stay low after having a boiler service. 

 Decrease the chances of a boiler breakdown

By reducing the wear and tear on parts, a boiler service and check can help reduce the chances of a boiler breakdown significantly. This means avoiding the inconvenience of a boiler breakdown and the cost that comes with that.

 Increase the lifespan of your boiler 

Boiler servicing sets your boiler up for a longer lifespan - delaying the need for an expensive boiler replacement.

 Keep within your boiler warranty agreement

Boiler manufacturers recognise the importance of a boiler service. Due to this, in many warranties, your cover will only be valid if an annual service is carried out. 

 Help prevent carbon monoxide and gas leaks

During a boiler check, your boiler will be checked for vulnerabilities that could result in a gas or carbon monoxide leak. A boiler service gives you peace of mind that your boiler system is functioning at its safest. 

Book a boiler service in Bedlington, Blyth or Cramlington

Gas Wizard Heating carry out in-depth and thorough checks of boiler systems throughout Northumberland, Newcastle Upon Tyne, North Tyneside including Bedlington, Blyth and Cramlington. You can book a boiler service by giving us a call on 07890242485 or fill out our contact form with your enquiry. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. 

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