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Boiler servicing is the best way to keep your boiler system running efficiently and safely. Annual servicing of your boiler system is highly recommended to take full advantage of the benefits of a boiler service. To book your yearly service with the heating experts at Gaz Wizard Heating call today at 07890242485 or select the button below.

Advantages of a boiler service

Getting your boiler services provides the ultimate protection and longevity for your boiler system and there are numerous benefits to an annual boiler check including:

 Reduce your monthly bills

Boiler servicing creates a more efficient boiler system meaning that your heating costs will stay low after having a boiler service. 

 Decrease the chances of a boiler breakdown

By reducing the wear and tear on parts, boiler service and check can help reduce the chances of a boiler breakdown significantly. This means avoiding the inconvenience of a boiler breakdown and the cost that comes with that.

 Increase the lifespan of your boiler 

Boiler servicing sets your boiler up for a longer lifespan - delaying the need for an expensive boiler replacement.

 Keep within your boiler warranty agreement

Boiler manufacturers recognise the importance of a boiler service. Due to this, in many warranties, your cover will only be valid if an annual service is carried out. 

 Help prevent carbon monoxide and gas leaks

During a boiler check, your boiler will be checked for vulnerabilities that could result in a gas or carbon monoxide leak. A boiler service gives you peace of mind that your boiler system is functioning at its safest. 

How to know you need a boiler service


Your boiler may be making unusual noises, which are frequently signs of deeper problems that need to be fixed. Your boiler may need servicing if you hear any strange noises, such as whistling, pounding, or gurgling. These noises may be caused by accumulation of limescale, a broken pump, or problems with the thermostat. It is best to arrange for a boiler service as soon as possible to take care of these issues and guarantee peak operation.

If you’re concerned about noises, speak to one of our heating engineers in Newcastle, Northumberland and the surrounding areas by calling 07890242485.

Inefficient heating

One of the main indicators that a boiler service is past due is a reduction in the efficiency of your heating system. Your boiler may not be operating at its best if you notice that it takes longer for your house to achieve the right temperature or that some regions are always cold. An expert service will locate and fix issues like broken parts, airlocks, or sediment accumulation, returning your boiler to peak performance.

Increased energy bills

Your boiler may not be working efficiently if you've seen a significant jump in your energy bills without a matching shift in your usage patterns. Higher utility bills are the outcome of inefficient boilers since they need more energy to generate the same amount of heat. An on-time boiler service may identify and fix problems that reduce efficiency, which can ultimately save your energy costs.

Water leaks

Water leaks near your boiler are a major problem that has to be fixed right away. Leaks can be an indication of issues with pipes, seals, or valves; if you ignore them, you risk electrical dangers and water damage. In addition to finding the leak's source, a boiler service will fix it quickly to save additional damage and guarantee the security of your heating system.

Pilot light issues

If the pilot light on your boiler is equipped, it should burn steadily. The pilot light may be often extinguished as a result of a malfunctioning thermocouple or draught problems. To maintain the ongoing and secure operation of your boiler, a boiler service will look into and resolve these pilot light problems. Maintaining the dependability and lifespan of your heating system requires routine servicing.

Boiler Servicing FAQs

How frequently should my boiler be serviced?

Having your boiler serviced once a year is advised. In addition to ensuring peak performance and lowering the chance of malfunctions, this routine maintenance helps keep your boiler guarantee valid.

Is boiler maintenance required to be covered under warranty?

A lot of boiler warranties state that to keep the warranty valid, yearly servicing is required. It is essential to review the terms of your warranty and make sure that the servicing obligations are being met.

Can a boiler service extend the lifespan of my boiler?

Yes, routine maintenance helps your boiler last longer by reducing component wear and tear. By doing this, you may be able to save the cost of an early boiler replacement.

How does boiler servicing prevent carbon monoxide and gas leaks?

The boiler is thoroughly inspected for weaknesses that can result in gas or carbon monoxide leaks during a service. Ensuring the safe and secure operation of the boiler system requires the identification and resolution of possible difficulties.

Is it possible for me to service my own boiler?

A specialist should be consulted for boiler servicing. Skilled specialists possess the know-how to carry out exhaustive examinations, detect possible problems, and guarantee the security and effectiveness of your boiler system. 

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What is the average duration of a boiler service?

Boiler servicing can take one to two hours, though the exact time can vary. But this can vary depending on the boiler's model and state. 

Is there a specific time of year that is best for boiler servicing?

Although boiler maintenance may be scheduled for any time of year, many homeowners would rather have it done in the warmer months when there is less demand for the heating system. Regardless of the season, annual servicing is important.

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