Gas Cooker Installation

Do you need reputable and competent gas stove installation services? Gas Wizard is the only place to search! We are committed to offering excellent gas cooker installation services that guarantee safety, effectiveness, and compliance with all pertinent standards. We do this with a team of qualified and experienced gas engineers.

Speak to a heating engineer in Newcastle or Northumberland today to book a gas cooker installation by calling 07890242485.

How It Works

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Gas Wizard may be reached at 07890242485. Our helpful team will walk you through the procedure and arrange a convenient time to install your gas cooker.


To choose the best installation strategy, our Gas Safe trained engineer will carry out a comprehensive inspection of your space.

Gas appliances require proper ventilation. Cleaning and checking ventilation systems to make sure they are clear and operating properly are part of our maintenance service. This guarantees effective burning and aids in the prevention of toxic gas accumulation.

Your safety is our priority. Gas Wizard Heating includes comprehensive safety checks as part of our maintenance service. We identify and address any safety concerns promptly to keep your property secure.

Installation & inspection

Our knowledgeable staff will install your gas cooker quickly and expertly on the appointed day, making sure that everything complies with safety regulations. We carry out thorough safety inspections following installation to make sure your gas cooker is running effectively and safely.


We give you the required certification to confirm the compliance and safety of your recently installed gas cooker after the installation and safety inspections are finished.

Why consider gas cooker replacements?

Energy Efficiency

You can save a lot of money on your energy costs by upgrading to a newer brand of gas cooker, which can greatly increase energy efficiency. With their enhanced combustion systems and cutting-edge technology, modern appliances ensure that energy is used more efficiently, lowering waste and its negative effects on the environment.

Improved innovations

Several cutting-edge innovations that come with more recent gas stoves can make cooking easier and more pleasurable. Upgrading gives you access to the newest advancements in kitchen appliances, improving your cooking experience overall. These improvements range from precise temperature controls to programmable settings and smart technology integration.


Improved gas cookers frequently have improved safety measures, giving you and your family an additional degree of security. Among these safety measures are flame failure devices, which, if the flame goes out, instantly cut off the gas supply to stop any possible gas leaks. Furthermore, newer models' enhanced ventilation systems support the preservation of the best possible air quality in your kitchen.

Our heating engineers in Newcastle, Northumberland and the nearby areas are Gas Safe registered, giving you peace of mind when installing a new gas cooker. 

Aesthetics and Design

Investing in a new gas cooker goes beyond practicality to let you improve the kitchen's visual attractiveness. Contemporary appliances frequently have streamlined forms, fashionable finishes, and creative layouts that can enhance the overall appearance and feel of your kitchen. Upgrades should be considered for both better functionality and enhanced aesthetics in your kitchen.

Greater Cooking Capacity

Investing in a bigger or more adaptable gas cooker can provide greater cooking capacity if your family has grown or your culinary goals have broadened. A new gas stove can meet your changing culinary needs, whether they be for more burners or an area for woks and griddles.

Why Choose Gaz Wizard?


Expert Installation: Gas cookers of all make and models can be expertly installed by our Gas Safe qualified engineers. To guarantee that your gas cooker is connected safely and operates at its optimum, we adhere to industry best practices.

Our team is gas safe registered which means we are completely qualified to work on gas cookers and carry out boiler maintenance in Newcastle and Northumberland. 


Our top priority is gas safety. To ensure the security of your house or place of business, our professionals carry out comprehensive safety inspections to find and fix any possible problems.


We follow all applicable UK gas safety laws and guidelines. Our installations are completed with extreme care, guaranteeing complete adherence to industry standards.


We recognise the value of your time. Gas Wizard ensures little disturbance throughout the installation procedure by providing flexible scheduling options to fit your busy lifestyle.

Speak to an expert heating engineer in Newcastle or Northumberland today

For professional and hassle-free gas stove installation services, get in touch with Gas Wizard right now. To arrange your installation and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with expert service, give us a call at 07890242485.

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