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Types of Boilers 

Combi Boilers (Combination Boilers)

Compact units known as combi boilers may produce hot water and central heating on demand. They don't need a cold water tank or hot water cylinder of their own.

System Boilers

System boilers also referred to as sealed system boilers, use a hot water cylinder but do not require an above-water storage tank. They are appropriate for houses that use a lot of hot water.

Conventional Boilers (Regular Boilers)

A boiler, a hot water cylinder, and a loft-based cold water storage tank make up a conventional boiler. They are typically found in older homes.

Selecting the right boiler is paramount for efficient heating. Factors such as the size of your home, heating needs, and budget come into play and our heating engineers will be happy to guide you through the entire process, from start to finish.

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Signs you need a new boiler installation

Boiler age

Your current boiler's age is one obvious indicator. Its efficiency may have drastically decreased if it is more than 15 years old, which could result in higher energy costs and a larger chance of malfunctions. Cost savings are possible when switching to a newer, more energy-efficient model over time.

Long heating times

Chronic problems with hot water and heating are warning signs that your boiler may be nearing the end of its life. Your boiler may not be operating at its best if you notice that it takes longer for your house to heat up or if the temperature of the water in your home fluctuates. These problems could be signs of internal wear and tear or damage that calls for a new installation to increase reliability.


Unusual sounds emanating from your boiler, such as gurgling, whistling, or banging, are warning signs that something might not be right inside. These sounds may be signs of difficulties with other important parts, a malfunctioning pump, or an accumulation of limescale. These interruptions can be avoided and quiet, effective functioning is ensured with a modern boiler installation.

Increased energy bills

Your old boiler may be a concern if you've observed a steady increase in your energy costs. Older boilers typically use more energy because they run less effectively. Eventually, energy savings from switching to a newer model might offset the original expenditure through lower electricity bills. Installing a new boiler not only makes a home's heating system more sustainable and eco-friendly, but it also increases energy efficiency.

Frequent repairs

It may end up being more economical to install a new boiler if you find yourself needing repairs for it regularly. Frequent malfunctions and maintenance not only cost money but also suggest that your existing boiler may be nearing the end of its useful life. 

Modern boilers are more dependable and efficient, which means fewer expensive and time-consuming repairs are required. Our heating engineers in Newcastle and Northumberland can guide you on the best course of action depending on your specific boiler problems. 


Examine your boiler for any obvious indications of rust, corrosion, or wear. Should you see any of these problems, it indicates that the structural integrity of your boiler might be in danger. A weakened structure may cause leaks and endanger public safety. In addition to resolving these structural issues, investing in a new boiler installation ensures that the system satisfies the most recent safety regulations.

Pilot light issues

Problematic boilers are indicated by frequent problems with the pilot light, such as it going out or showing an uneven flame. Pilot light malfunctions can be caused by several internal faults, such as malfunctioning thermocouples or gas valves. Installing a new boiler guarantees a steady and dependable pilot light, avoiding interruptions in the supply of hot water and heat.

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Boiler Installations FAQs

How much time does it usually take to install a boiler?

The length of time varies according to the type of boiler and installation difficulty, for example. It can take anything from one to three days on average.

What boiler size is appropriate for my house?

The size is determined by how much heat your house needs. A qualified installation will calculate your property's heat load to determine the appropriate size.

Can I install a boiler on my own?

It is not advised. For boiler installation to be safe and effective, specific training and expertise are needed. It is best to choose a qualified installer.

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