Landlord Gas Safety Checks in Newcastle and Northumberland

Evaluate the Safety of Your Property and Adhere to Gas Regulations

At Gas Wizard, we recognise how critical it is to protect your tenants' safety and adhere to gas safety laws. To bring you peace of mind and protect your property, our committed team of Gas Safe registered engineers is here to perform thorough and dependable Landlord Gas Safety Checks.

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Why Choose Gas Wizard for Landlord Gas Safety Checks?

Gas Safe Registered 

We are fully licenced and Gas Safe Registered, proving that we can do gas boiler work in the safest possible manner. Apart from being Gas Safe certified, we are also known as Baxi boiler products' Approved Installers. This accreditation not only demonstrates our proficiency with Baxi boilers but also allows us to provide our clients with special benefits, such as longer warranties on certain Baxi boiler models.


With a staff of highly qualified and Gas Safe licenced engineers, Gas Wizard has a wealth of expertise in doing thorough gas safety checks. Our professionals are skilled in seeing possible problems and making sure your property complies with all safety regulations.


We are aware of the demands involved in overseeing just one property, let alone if you manage several. Gas Wizard makes scheduling flexible so that your tenants are not disturbed as much as possible. Our staff works quickly and effectively to finish inspections so you may concentrate on your property management duties.

Landlord Gas Safety Check Process

Appliance inspection

All gas appliances are inspected by our engineers, who look for wear, corrosion and other problems.

Ventilation assessment

To ensure optimal operation and avoid the build-up of hazardous gases, we evaluate the state of ventilation and flue systems.

Gas leak detection

We employ cutting-edge machinery to carry out thorough inspections for gas leaks across the property, guaranteeing prompt discovery and remediation.

Carbon monoxide testing

As part of our all-inclusive service, we test for carbon monoxide to find any hazards and, if necessary, provide quick fixes.

Importance of Landlord Gas Safety Checks

Legal obligation

Landlords are obliged by the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 to make arrangements for a Gas Safe licensed engineer to conduct yearly safety checks on all gas appliances and flues. This covers all gas-powered appliances on the premises, such as boilers and gas ovens.

Complying with gas safety regulations is not only required by law but also essential to preserving a property's integrity. Serious repercussions for noncompliance may include fines. Tenant safety and compliance with legal requirements are demonstrated by routine inspections and documentation.

Gas safety certificates

Landlords are required to give their renters a Gas Safety Certificate after a successful gas safety inspection. The inspection's findings, together with any issues found and the steps taken to fix them, are described in this paper. A copy of this certificate should be given to tenants either before they move in or within 28 days of the check.

Our heating engineers in Newcastle, Northumberland and the surrounding areas can provide you with a thorough inspection and a Gas Safety Certificate. 

Safety for tenants

Tenant protection against the possible risks of malfunctioning gas appliances, such as leaks or carbon monoxide emissions, is the main objective of these safety inspections. Since carbon monoxide is an odourless and colourless gas that can be lethal, it is critical to identify and address any problems as soon as possible.

Peace of mind

In addition to meeting legal obligations, landlord gas safety inspections provide renters and property owners with peace of mind. A sense of security is created by knowing that gas appliances are routinely tested and serviced, which promotes a safe and secure living environment.

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